In November 2017, my school Sarasas Witaed Suksa held a 20th anniversary reunion event. It’s been almost ten years after I left. It felt long. Lots of ex-teachers and friends came back today.

After attending the ceremonies and talking with everyone. I decided to take a walk around the school and take some pictures. Hopefully this will serve as a record of some stories for myself, and a memento for my friends and anyone ever they think about our old times in this school.

M. Sompop is still here. When I reached I saw him interviewing graduated students. He called me queue up for to interview also, but we were so busy we didn’t do it at the end.

I still remember the “Wonderful น้ำยาล้างจาน” joke M. Sompop like to use in morning meetings. Basically, when he praises a student with the word “wonderful”, he will add “dishwashing liquid” at the end. (Not sure how many students find it funny though.) I finally googled it today to find out what this dishwashing liquid brand actually looks like. 🤣

Building 1

Originally, this iconic red-roof building was the only building in the school. At that time our school was surrounded by shrimp ponds (บ่อกุ้ง), not houses and condos like today.

Building 1 — canteen

The canteen beside building 1, where I usually do my homework, have snacks, watch my friends play Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and wait for the big yellow school bus to take me home around 4pm. The stage held most of school performances and dancing activity in P.E. class. I don’t recall myself performing anything up there though. I always envy my friends who can play guitar or drums and get chances to go up there many many times.

My favorite food stall is the noodle by “Pa Yao” (ร้านป้าเยา). She actually knew I always order the smallest white noodle (เส้นหมี่) and sometimes make it for me even when I’m still waiting behind the queue. I guess it’s because some boys ordered the same thing as me in the front so she just do it for us together to save time.

Building 1 — hallway

On the left is ห้องธุรการ and opposite is ห้องปกครอง. When ever I had to walk pass these rooms I could feel the chill down my spine. It’s weird they didn’t mention the name of these rooms in English much despite being a bilingual school. I honestly can’t remember.

There’s one time the entire boys in the class skipped weekend military class because the traffic was bad and we were too late anyway. We got called into the room on the right and got scolded big time. I still remember we got behavior points deducted by 20 points each, which is the maximum allowed to passed the year. The sad thing is I was actually on leave that day, but I helped my friend booked the internet cafe so I also got deducted, a bit less, by 15 points.

The Bridge

Building 2

This is where we spent most of our time.

They have built seats in front. Not sure why they need this long seats though. And they added some sofa and created some play area on the first floor.

I once played soccer behind building 2. I kicked a ball and almost break the glass. Luckily, the ball hit right in the wood between 2 louvers and nothing broke.

We’d have to walk up the stairs 4 floors with kilos of books multiple times every single day. Can’t imagine how we did that 😂.

Too bad I couldn’t go up stairs because they lock it up on weekends. It would be a great shots if I can take more pictures of the classroom we were in. Maybe next time.

The people

Here they are. My first big group of friends in my life. Too bad I left before the Grade 12 so I wasn’t in these pictures.

I secretly snatched a photo of T.Saichai at the last moment. I heard one of her follower said she is tired and will go home shortly.

Sadly T.Mark doesn’t remember me, but he still remembers “Champion”. People hardly notice a quiet boy like me anyway.

That’s all. If you have any stories, you can share below. Finally, I’ll leave you guys with a catchy phrase…

Thank you teacher.
See you again next time.
And god bless you.

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